Friday, May 4, 2012

National Scrapbook Day Special

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

This special is very exciting. I know many of you have been waiting very patiently for the Gradient Gem Stickers to go on special. For this weekend only, the Gradient Gem Stickers are only $1.00 (sold in quantities of 6). This is a great weekend to get stocked up! We also have other specials running throughout the weekend.

Don't forget about the Inventory Clearance Sale and other Sale Items.

Gradient Gem Stickers 
Each packages is featured in a "Gradient" color scheme. That means you get more color choices with the same color scheme.

National Scrapbook Day Price - $1.00 per package (Quantities of 6 Only)  

6 Packages for $6.00 

Vintage Marble Brads 
Each package contains an elegant marbleized pearl set in an antique copper brad. 
National Scrapbook Day Price - $1.75 per package (Quantities of 6 Only)   
6 Packages for $10.50  

Past Deal & Kit of the Months 
Order any Deal of the Month or Kit of the Month and receive $8.00 of product from the Vintage Poppies line.

One per customer

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