Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello there! Hope you all are having a great day.Today is Valentines Day and for those that don't celebrate it.....Happy fun day Monday. Ha!

Ok, let me stop being a DORK and get to my post. I am bit goofy today so bear with me.

So as it got closer to Vday I was a wee bit excited and went a little overboard. I kinda went crazy making some fabric flowers. Meaning to give it to teachers for vday as gifts. But my kids were in such a rush this morning, they forgot them and here they sit next to me. But no worries I am sure I will find ways to use them. hehehehe sneaky sneaky!
What you don't know is that I started these projects 2 summer ago. YES! You read that right. Two summers ago I started cutting up fabrics and using candles to melt or wilt the corners. I guess you can say I started the process of creating the flowers. You see I am a lil bit of a Spaz and like to make things here and there and sometimes (well more than sometimes) I don't get to finish them. But this month I did! And I went NUTS!

Creative Charms Vintage Jewels were just the perfect addition to them. I used them for the centers of the flowers. I also used Pink Vintage Poppies and put them as centers for some of the flowers. Funny how the fabric match it so well. I love it when it all works out so well.

See this is why I think I don't finish projects. I want to make sure they are just right. I want to feel good saying..."Yes this is just how I like it to be!" I know I told you I'm a NUT.I will show some of the stuff I am creating with some of these goodies on my next post.

Have a great day!

Michelle M.


Rose said...

Yes you are a spaz! It's probably all the Valentine's Day chocolate. But those are sooo purdy! Happy Valentine's Day..xoxo!

K Andrew said...

Heeheee--these will be awesome if you are in a swap--love them all!

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