Sunday, December 26, 2010

Maligayang Pasko, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Quanza, Happy Hanukkah!

Hello everyone!
Michelle M. here with holiday greetings. Trying to cover all my bases and I know there's more but that is all I could come up with right now. Hehehe! Anyway, hope you all had a wonderful holiday break, spending it with the one's you truly love, family and friends. Opened some wonderful gifts! Ate some awesomely good food and specially those yummy desserts.
While you read this, I on other hand is either in a coma from eating all of my MIL's awesome tamales or my mom's delicious filipino food or I am on the road starting an 18 to 20 hour drive home from California to Washington State. I know...craziness! But don't feel sorry for me, cuz we got to spend some time with family and friends, my kids saw their fave cousins and played, had a great time and got wonderful presents. And that is the most important thing right? Being with family spending some quality time.
Ok, now that I got to vent let me show you what I got to work on before leaving for the holiday break. I got the Deal of the Month for my assignments and I had a great time with this one. I think if I had more time and wasn't so busy with the holiday stuff I would have sat my butt down and created more projects. Alas this is what I was able to accomplish.
She's my SNOW angel!

I wanted to use tones of blue's and bits of browns to match my daughter's snow hat and was having trouble finding something that would work. When it comes to holiday paper the colors are mostly red, green and white. So I had to come up with something that would work with my pictures. Here's a teeny tiny tutorial of what I came up with.
I used Basic Grey Fruitcake line and stamped some snowflake images in different sizes with Chestnut Roast Color Box Chalk ink. Which is my all time fave to work with. I just stamped randomly in places where I knew it would show. The middle part I wasn't too worried since it would be covered up with the pics anyway. I did used the middle part though to practice my stamping or take some of the chalk off.

Here are some detailed pics of the snow flakes. I used the Snowflake ribbon from the KIT, cut them apart and layered them with the Winter Sparkler and placed them in the middle of the cut out flakes from the paper line. I was glad it worked out! I then placed more of the cut out snowflake ribbon here and there to create the look of falling snow. I added some blue gradient gems in the middle of some of the snowflake ribbon for added dimension.

Peace * Joy * Love

Using the same paper from Basic Grey Fruitcake Line. I created this card. I added a white gem brad and snowflake from the kit to add more interest to the flower. Also added some blue gradient gems in the tittle just to add more bling. Got my punches and stamps out for the layers and tittle of the card. And that's it.

Merry and Bright

Here is the last card I was able to do. I wanted to create a Christmas tree and wanted it to be the focal point and nothing else. I really wanted it to be simple to show how versatile the kit is and this is what I came up. With a simple paper cut from my border punch to create a base, I then added a ribbon to doll it up a bit, I then just placed my pure blossoms in a shape of a tree then glued. I stamped the merry and bright for the greeting and that's it. I was done.

I seriously wish I could have had more time cuz I was really having a great time using this kit. I hope you all enjoyed my post as much as I did creating them. And if you have some Christmas money left over I suggest you get the kit cuz you will not be sorry.


Amy (aka Aimitup) said...

Your snow layout is fabulous!

K Andrew said...

This is a very sweet layout--love the snowflake accents

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