Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vintage Brads and Velvet Poppies...

Happy "almost" Thanksgiving everyone! I am here to post a layout of my daughter Courtney, granted I "lifted" the layout design from my ultra-talented friend, Danielle Flanders, and it's relatively the same except for a couple of small changes. I used Vintage Velvet Poppies and green Vintage Brads. I simply popped out the pearl center of the flowers and replaced it with the vintage green brad and I think the combination of those two really add a nice touch of "softness" to it and I' love how it turned out. It almost looks like my daughter is wearing a flower in her hair. I hope you enjoy!





Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! ;)



Lisa Dorsey said...

Seriously gorgeous Hilary! Love that photo, LOVE what you did with the poppies and love the color!

TR said...

Those brads are so beautiful!
WOW. And the flowers look
so soft and luscious.
Very Nice LO!


Chris Hertel said...

The popppies look fantastic with the vintage brads! Love your layout.

K Andrew said...

I love this layout--it's so soft and whimsical. Wonderful job Hilary! PS I love how it does look like she is wearing a flower--way tooo cute!

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