Monday, October 11, 2010

Perfect Fall

What a beautiful weekend, the trees are changing color, bright blue sky, the weather during the day has been perfect, and at night, just a little nip in the air...I love it!  I was inspired to make a couple of Fall themed cards.  The first one, I used an eclectic mix of supplies, or, cornucopia, if you will.  I used Gradient Gems, 3D Vintage Brads, Sparkled Flowers and Vintage Brads. 

For a little fun technique, I colored the tips of the 3D Vintage Brads with acrylic paint.  I also glimmer misted the Sparkle Flower.

This was a pretty simple card, but I used the Braided Daisy in the center and just wanted that to be the center of attention.

Hope you enjoy and most of all, enjoy this glorious Fall!


Jamie Lane said...

Beautiful fall cards!

sherRae said...

I love what you did with the embellishments, great ideas and cards!

K Andrew said...

Gail-these cards are just perfect for fall wishes. I love how you added the page text strip--and the small blue transparent flower--great touches.

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