Monday, October 24, 2011

Spooky Cards

Hi everyone! 

Lisa here. I have two spooky cards to share with you that I made using the Halloween Twinkle Stickers.

I hand drew both of these spooky images on these cards but if you are not comfortable hand drawing items give this a try.
1. Find an image online that you would like to use. 
2. Copy and paste him into some sort of photo editing software or word processor. 
3. Resize the image to fit on your card. 
4. Before you print, reverse the image and then print on the back of desired cardstock or pattern paper.  (You may want to print two identical images if you want to cut pieces apart and ink as I did with the hat.)
5. Cut a piece of black cardstock for the sign post and attach Twinkle Stickers.
6. The spider is simply cut from pattern paper and I added his legs and web after with black pen.

Frank here was really quite easy if you look at his separate parts.
1. I cut a square out of green cardstock.  I then rounded the bottom corners slightly. Ink.
2. His hair is drawn in with black marker.
3. His eyes are white pearl stickers that I dotted with a black permanent marker.
4. I cut his nose (you could use any shape you want) from the same green cardstock and inked the edges.  *Remeber it does NOT have to be perfect, this is Frankenstein. :)
5. His mouth is just a rectangle of white cardstock.  I then drew in teeth and outlined it with black.
6. Add small green rectangles for ears and neck.  A black piece of cardstock makes his shoulders.
7.  Give him some eyebrows and a scar and you are done!
*I did add some purple gradient gems to the bottom of the card.  I find myself doing this often. After I think the card is done I just have to go back and add a bit of bling.  :)

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Have a wonderful Halloween everyone!


Ellen (aka ScrapStampnMama) said...

Great cards Lisa! Love Franky!! So cute!

Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, these are some terrific cards. TFS.

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