Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's not too late!

Hi everyone!

Lisa here.  I wanted to share a layout I created using this month's Deal.  My sweet girl was so excited for Greek Day at her school that when the day arrived, she could barely contain her excitement.  This is a picture of her in her costume that we created for the day. 

It is not too late to get your hands on this month's deal.  Check this out!  You get 111 pieces for only $6.99.

Each Deal Contains:
•18" Green Vintage Velvet Ric Rac
•12" Green Wide Fancy Polka Dot Ribbon
•Green Flower Brads - 3 Pieces
•Green Gem Brads - 9 Pieces
•Green Pure Blossoms - 6 Pieces
•Green Large Sparkly Flower - 1 Pieces
•Green Groovy Petal Medley - 8 Pieces
•Green Braided Daisy Medley - 4 Pieces
•Green Gradient Gem Stickers - 72 Pieces
•Greeen Fuzzy Hearts - 2 Pieces
•Green Fun Flowers - 4 Pieces
You can order it here

Have a great week everyone!!!

1 comment:

Amy (aka Aimitup) said...

Very nice layout Lisa - great design and great use of the deal!

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